Bertrand et al:

I did a little work in RTFHandler yesterday (after reading the wiki &
related email messages on the topic), committing a change to implement
text-align for paragraphs, mostly just to get a feel for what is going on
there. I was using examples/fo/basic/ as my test document, so the
next thing I thought I would mess with was paragraph shading
(background-color). It looked like that was not implemented in the jfor
libs, so I was trying to set up my IDE to use the jfor source & watch it in
the debugger. Some of the source files contain non-ASCII characters (see
main/, line 67, for example), but are encoded as ASCII
(instead of UTF-8), so the IDE was choking. This is easy to fix, and I am
tempted to go ahead and drop the jfor source code into the FOP repository &
start hacking away. What do you think? The wiki made me think that maybe you
were wanting to keep your options open. I guess the other issues that raises
are 1) dropping in the Apache license (looks like no problem), and some
style issues. What are your thoughts on all of this?

Victor Mote

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