+1 for working on JFOR integration.

If JFOR's sources should go into CVS, I think from the licensing point
of view, Bertrand will have to do the initial import of the sources. I
believe, this performs an implicit grant process because of his
committer license agreement.

Victor, I don't want to draw you away from the API stuff with my
earlier comments. I promise to come up with constructive thoughts within
the next few days. My brain is already working on it.

On 18.06.2003 19:09:01 Victor Mote wrote:
> I am
> tempted to go ahead and drop the jfor source code into the FOP repository &
> start hacking away. What do you think? The wiki made me think that maybe you
> were wanting to keep your options open. I guess the other issues that raises
> are 1) dropping in the Apache license (looks like no problem), and some
> style issues. What are your thoughts on all of this?

Jeremias Maerki

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