If you install WinCVS you get a patch.exe you can use. Often you have to
tweak the command line parameters a bit (especially -p) and sometimes
you have to edit the patch file itself. It's best if you put the
directory with patch.exe in your PATH so you can easily call it from the
right directory (relative paths and all).

With WinCVS's patch.exe (normally):

patch -p 0 < filename.dif

Note before applying the patch file check how it references the files as
you need to be in the correct directory to apply the patch file.

If you're using Eclipse as IDE you can use the patcher from there. It's
pretty easy there.

Good luck!

On 20.07.2003 17:34:32 Glen Mazza wrote:
> I've submitted them frequently, but, given a patch,
> how does one apply it to a file in a working
> directory? CVS has the "diff" command to create the
> patch, but I don't know what its opposite command is,
> to merge the patch into a file.
> (BTW, using Windows 2000.)

Jeremias Maerki

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