I hear you. Incidentally, I've had the same problem reported to me via a
different channel. Funny things happen.

I've checked the PPD of the HP Laserjet 5. It supports the PageSize
setting. So my reservation was a bit premature. Looks like your proposal
shouldn't hurt.

On 21.07.2003 16:26:54 IvanLatysh wrote:
> Just do a simple test.
> Here is a dummy FO:

> Render it into PS, now run Adobe and get an PDF. What you can see.
> The document size is default (letter or A4, depend on the local settings).
> But I specify that document must be 185mm by 255mm.
> If you incorporate changes, which I am talking about, the result
> document will have the size specified and will be rendered properly.
> By the way any single PS printer will do rotation and matching document
> to the paper, or at least it will throw an error about paper mismatch.
> And one more, the PS file which is produced by PSRenderer can't be
> printed directly to the printer, it is required post processing. My
> point is, when document rendered it must be rendered according to the
> specified size, and when you print it, you process PS file again and
> specify which media to use.

Jeremias Maerki

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