Glen Mazza wrote:

> I've submitted them frequently, but, given a patch,
> how does one apply it to a file in a working
> directory? CVS has the "diff" command to create the
> patch, but I don't know what its opposite command is,
> to merge the patch into a file.

The command is 'patch', originally written by Larry Wall, of Perl fame. The basic command is patch < patchfile.diff provided you are in the proper CWD and the patch was generated properly. Otherwise you need the -p, and perhaps the -N or -R options. Alternatives: - Use Emacs (merge or diff-mode). - Apply the diff from within Eclipse.

> (BTW, using Windows 2000.)

Get cygwin (http://www.cygwin.com). Download setup.exe, run it and follow the instructions. You'll have to select "developer" or some similar non-default package to get the patch utility.


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