Hello, Jeremias!

Recently I update the FOP , now I am having the fun with fop-0.20.5rc3a :-)

In the last release you add the future to automatic switch orientation 

Here is my IMHO.
Since rendered is dealing with the document, not with the media on the document prints 
on, it is making no sense to decision about document layout.
For example, the document have the dimension 10in * 5in. You would say that it is the 
landscape layout, but this document can be printed on the letter paper, portrait 
My point, it is an ambiguous decision to set page layout based on the page size when 
you don't know what kind of media are going to be used.

Some workaround:

According to "PostScript® LANGUAGE REFERENCE third edition."
An array of two numbers, [width height], specifying the overall dimensions
of the physical medium that were assumed during the generation of this
page description.
[bla, bla, bla]
The PostScript interpreter
will set up the transformation from user space to device space so that
the longer and shorter dimensions specified by PageSize are properly oriented
with those of the physical medium.
Here is interpreter will do the trick to set the page layout based on the page 
because interpreter know about the media and about the document.

It making more sense to specify PageSize instead of the layout.
I did some experiments with it, and PageSize gives more realistic results.

For myself I wrap PDFRenderer into my class, and overload
>> public void renderPage(Page page)

Looking forward to see your thought about.

Yours sincerely, Ivan Latysh.

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