I just committed a change that creates a "control" package, and moves
layout.FontInfo to control.Document. I had hoped to avoid getting into the
control stuff (hence my statement about moving into Driver), but in order to
get FO Tree and layout cleaned up for Layout Strategy, some of this global
stuff needs to be, well, global. The good news is that some of Driver logic
can be (carefully, with deprecation in mind) moved out of Driver and into
Document. I mention this because I know that Glen is trying to get apps
cleaned up. I think creation of "control" should help.

Also, some of the font-related logic that is in FontInfo will eventually get
moved to the font package, but I think the font collections themselves
belong to the Document. I'll be doing more in this shortly as I really have
to clean the Font mess up to move forward.

Please let me know if you see problems.

Victor Mote

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