Glen Mazza wrote:
year) was the case where I wanted to put borders
around each cell in table.  Efficiently defining that
at table-level was not implemented in FOP, it was only
defined at individual cell-level, meaning something
is/was wrong with the inheritance, perhaps.

Dead wrong, properties are inherited properly, if you ask the property list manager you'll get correct values. Have a look at the code: the problem is how border definitions at different levels interfere. Suppose your table has a top-border-width of 2pt, the first cell in the first row has a top-border-width of 1pt, the second 0pt the third 5pt. How should this look like? Well, actually CSS2 defines this (I think...) but implementation is tricky, because you'll have to allocate space for the borders. Throw in borders for rows and columns, and collapsing...


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