Glen Mazza wrote:
Technically speaking, if properties were *inherited*
properly, setting border-width on fo:table-row would
propagate to a child fo:table-cell that didn't have
that property already set, correct?

No. Border properties are not inherited:

It doesn't seem that bad, because we've already
accomplished this at the cell-level.

Someone has to implement the resolution algorithm.

Also, when you say "collapsing", are you just
referring to the "collapsing borders" table model?


According to compliance.xml, we haven't currently
implemented the "border-collapse" property--it appears
we just support the collapsing borders model by
default, and that only partially.

Both collapsed and separated borders are supported, the latter actually better because collapsing depends on neighboring cells, which changes at breaks. Extreme settings may even cause layout oscillations.


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