--- "J.Pietschmann" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Dead wrong, properties are inherited properly, if
> you
> ask the property list manager you'll get correct
> values.
> Have a look at the code: the problem is how border
> definitions at different levels interfere.
> Suppose your table has a top-border-width of 2pt,
> the
> first cell in the first row has a top-border-width
> of
> 1pt, the second 0pt the third 5pt. How should this
> look
> like? Well, actually CSS2 defines this (I think...)
> but
> implementation is tricky, because you'll have to
> allocate
> space for the borders. Throw in borders for rows and
> columns, and collapsing...
> J.Pietschmann

Thanks for the explaining the issues involved--I only
had the newbie answer
that it just wasn't implemented yet.


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