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BTW, IIRC it's been discussed on the list (ad nauseam) that the official "tag" name is HEAD, but frankly, I don't remember why so many terms appear to be synonymous. Unless I'm mistaken, the site refers to "HEAD" using the following other terms: "Redesign" (FOP=>Download), "FOP 1.0DR1" (FOP=>Status), "FOP-1.0Dev" (don't recall where this was). Does it make sense to standardize on this and re-tag it in CVS? Should we also eradicate all other terms for it so visitors will know what to refer to? Obviously in the above "modified" paragraph "redesign" should be changed to whatever is decided.

You missed out "HEAD" hehe... good point though, we ought to be consistent in the naming at least on the website.



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