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> From: Clay Leeds [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]
> Glad to hear it was working on Mac OS X. I actually haven't tried yet
> on Mac OS X. I attempted to run it under Win XP Pro but got the
> NoClassDefFound error. I didn't appear to need to build it, since it
> contained all of the JARs, etc. If I need to build it, then that would

Yesterday, I posted that reaction kind of blindly.
Was more of a strong suspicion than a certainty, but having checked the
latest tarball I dl'ed, I can confirm that it contains no build dir. Apart
from the SDK itself and Apache Ant, it _does_ contain everything else you
need to be able to build it, like the xerces, xalan and batik jars, (esp. on
Mac, since everything's been taken care of with such rigour over there)

In any case, should you need further assistance, don't hesitate to contact
us (although, I do share some concerns with Glen here, so best to do this
off-list, unless of course it's closely related to the FOP build page
containing instructions that are too vague or need adjustments according to



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