On Fri, Nov 21, 2003 at 07:54:07AM -0700, Victor Mote wrote:
> No. Courier-Bold-Italic would be the Typeface, Courier would be the
> TypefaceFamily. So my Font object that gets used by FOP would be
> Courier-Bold-Italic at 12 points. It has a parent Typeface, which represents
> the Courier-Bold "font" file and its contents. This typeface has a parent
> TypefaceFamily, which represents the Courier family, and knows how to find
> bold, italic, small-caps, etc. Typefaces which are related.

These days everybody uses scalable fonts, but in principle it is
possible that Courier-Bold-Italic at 10 points is a different font
than Courier-Bold-Italic at 20 points, with a different metric file
and different glyphs. The canonical example being of course TeX, with
e.g. cmr5, cmr6 etc.

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