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> >>This means users can use AWT fonts for creating PDF, but they can't
> >>embed them. This may cause the resulting PDF to fail, but so what.
> > 
> > 
> > --> Support questions
> It depends. If users are still required to declare used fonts explicitely
> as well as whether they should be embedded, and FOP bails out if told
> to embed an AWT font, it shouldn't be much of a problem.

Font configuration should/will become easier. For TrueType and Type1
fonts this should just be a matter of specifying a list of directories
in which to look for fonts. A cache is needed to speed up the inventory on

> > And there's still the question if we can produce font metric information
> > for the target formats (there's PCL and PostScript and..., too) that
> > result in the desired output.
> The idea was to query the renderer for fonts, or get a renderer
> specific font manager, and use the abstract interface to get
> mainly character metrics, various other font measures and perhaps
> font attributes like "sans-serif" or so.

My idea is still different: Having several font sources and the
renderers merely announce which font sources they support. That leaves
to option open for later to enable multiple renderers

FontSource A: TrueType fonts
FontSource B: Type 1 fonts
FontSource C: AWT fonts
FontSource D: Base14 fonts
FontSource E: PCL base fonts (just a guess)

PDF renderer supports: A, B, D (maybe C)
PostScript renderer supports: A, B, D (maybe C)
Java2D/AWT renderer supports: A and C
PCL renderer: Probably A, E

> > Seriously, I don't think working with AWT's Font will do us any good.
> > The differences between JDKs are too great.
> Hmhm. I still think
> - We must be able to use AWT fonts in the AWT renderer.
> - We must be able to use the default PDF fonts for the PDF renderer
> - We should be able to use TTF for both AWT and PDF
> - We should not rely on the default PDF fonts in the AWT renderer (doh!)
> - I'd like to support using TTF with generated and possibly hand-corrected
>   metrics as well as using TTF directly.
> The possiblity to use AWT fonts for non-embedded fonts in PDF is a bonus.
> The possiblity to use AWT fonts in PDF even for embedding would be just
> another bonus.

+1 to all 7 points. Should be doable with my aproach.

Jeremias Maerki

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