Simon Pepping wrote:

> These days everybody uses scalable fonts, but in principle it is
> possible that Courier-Bold-Italic at 10 points is a different font
> than Courier-Bold-Italic at 20 points, with a different metric file
> and different glyphs. The canonical example being of course TeX, with
> e.g. cmr5, cmr6 etc.

I assume that you are referring to bitmap fonts here. I don't think we have
anything implemented for such fonts right now, but if we were to do so, I
think the scheme remains the same as far as the rest of FOP is concerned.
IOW, the relationship between Font, Typeface, and TypefaceFamily is intact.
The Font object handles any peculiarities related to the particular point
size, regardless of their source.

Victor Mote

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