Glen Mazza wrote:

I disagree on this point, if we're removing ant.jar, I
don't see a need for continuing to maintain a
and build.bat.

Given that they must install Ant, it isn't too
traumatic to next navigate to the fop working
directory and type "ant" to make the build.  (I'm not
being sarcastic--the way our build.xml is constructed,
"ant" is all you have to type!)

Hmhm. The unix version ( added *all* jars in the lib directory to the classpath, which made the "drop into lib and call build.dh" much easier. If this has to be done in build.xml, there's trouble ahead with jars containing release identifiers and such ugly stuff. Well, the build.bat had tis problem for ages.

I'm contemplating mavenizing the build. I've got the
personal advantage of working on commons-math which
is also mavenized, and I have the repository already.
OTOH I have no idea whether and how well mave would handle
dependencies on Jimi, JAI, LotBC and other odd non-apache


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