On Dec 12, 2003, at 7:13 AM, Jeremias Maerki wrote:
I don't think so, as potential fop-dev have to learn about other things,
too, especially CVS and how to build patches. I think that's a lot more
complicated than having to install Ant.

fop-devs can be expected to know about Ant because almost every Open
Source project written in Java I've encountered uses an Ant-based build
(or a build system based on Ant like Maven or Centipede). Actually every
Java developer can today be expected to know about Ant because it is the
de-facto standard for Java builds.

Simple users on the other side shouldn't be expected to build FOP. They
should never have a reason to rebuild FOP. If they do we've probably
failed to do every thing right.

Thanks for doing the legwork to get perspective on how important ant is. I'll definitely be saddling up (yeehaw!) and checking it out.

However, I too don't think fop-users (maintenance branch anyway) should have to download and configure ant for their purposes. Since ant is a build tool, I guess if a fop-user downloads the binary version (pre-built), they won't have to worry about ant anyway, so that point is moot for binary fop-users.

In any case, I don't think fop-users (maintenance branch) should have to download any more than necessary. I guess what this means, is that I think the Maintenance Branch should include ant in the source distribution, because I think it'll help limit traffic from people asking for help. Regardless of whether or not the Maintenance Branch includes ant, we may need to update the Build/Compiling page w more info on how to use ant (it currently contains a link to Ant--is that enough?).

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