On 12.12.2003 16:33:44 Clay Leeds wrote:
> Thanks for doing the legwork to get perspective on how important ant 
> is. I'll definitely be saddling up (yeehaw!) and checking it out.

You had to install Forrest, too, right? Another tool a fop-dev has to
come used to.

> However, I too don't think fop-users (maintenance branch anyway) should 
> have to download and configure ant for their purposes. Since ant is a 
> build tool, I guess if a fop-user downloads the binary version 
> (pre-built), they won't have to worry about ant anyway, so that point 
> is moot for binary fop-users.

Right. Users shouldn't have to come in contact with Ant IMO.

> In any case, I don't think fop-users (maintenance branch) should have 
> to download any more than necessary. I guess what this means, is that I 
> think the Maintenance Branch should include ant in the source 
> distribution, because I think it'll help limit traffic from people 
> asking for help. Regardless of whether or not the Maintenance Branch 
> includes ant, we may need to update the Build/Compiling page w more 
> info on how to use ant (it currently contains a link to Ant--is that 
> enough?).

Well, HEAD will again spawn a maintenance branch some time in the future.
Anyway, I think it's basically a matter of documentation and good
error/info messages. There are other problems, too: We simply can't
bundle some of the third-party JARs (Jimi, JAI) because of licensing
problems. I think there will always be some work involved until you can
run/build FOP (or any other Java product for that matter). It's our job
to make these tasks as unproblematic as possible.

Jeremias Maerki

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