> Perhaps, but I doubt it. If they was change to always get a reference to
 > the parent layout context when they are created, and if they had a
 > reference to the FObj, and if they was made available to the property
 > subsystem, then they could properly be used for it.


The layout context has the actual IPD MinOptMax. There is no
inherent reason it should have a link to a parent context or the
property subsystem, it's only necessary to have a method to
resolve a property expression given a set of MinOptMax for
the various traits which can be used as references for
percentages. Like

Right, but it doesn't have all the base lengths. For some base lengths it is one of the parent layout contexts that has the trait, like ipd of the containing reference area. How could we get hold of that trait if the LayoutContexts isn't linked together?

Whatever object that is passed to the resolve() method must also AFAICT also have a reference to the FO so that the resolve() can find the right LayoutContext in the LayoutContext tree to use as base.

Perhaps I'm missing something fundamental in your suggestion, but I just can see how there is enough information in a single LayoutContext to resolve relative lengths that is inherited from a parent fo:element.

> I still think it is easier to use either the FOs or the LMs .


Well, the approach using FOs are here already. It can't get easier than that.


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