On Sun, Feb 15, 2004 at 10:43:12PM +0100, Finn Bock wrote:
> [Simon Pepping]
> I initially had a separate PropertyContext object where the length was 
> stored. The FO element then had a reference to the PropertyContext and 
> there was a PropertyContext for every FO. But since there was a 
> one-to-one correspondence between the FO's and the PropertyContexts I 
> decided to put the information directly in the FO's instead.
> Somehow, in our current design, the information must be stored in an 
> object that exists:
> - when the properties are parsed.
> - when the break possibilities are created.
> The FO nodes fulfills both requirements.
> Perhaps the dimensions should be stored in the layout manager tree but 
> the LM tree is not available when the the properties are parsed and 
> there is no way to get from a FO to the LM's that the FO creates.

In the current design the layout manager tree seems the best
option. One could change the signature of getValue to
getValue(LayoutManager layoutmgr). For absolute properties the
layoutmgr could be null, but for relative properties it would be
impossible to get the value without reference to the layoutmanager.

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