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On Jul 30, 2004, at 7:11 AM, Chris Bowditch wrote:
Chris Bowditch wrote:

Clay - Ive realised that this page is out of date. I updated the layout.xml in CVS about 2 months ago. Any idea why the website hasnt been updated to reflect the changes in this file?


I suspect (but can't confirm) it has something to do with BUILD ERRORS in /forrest/ running on forrestbot. I have been having problems getting /forrest/ to generate a successful build for some time now.


Just to be sure, are these amongst the changes you're looking for:

Justified Text
This has been completed, thanks largely to Luca Furini. Although there is still issue 28706 that requires further analysis.

Multi-column layout

Get Markers Working
Main Problem is markers can be added to wrong page. LEWP is returning first on Next page!

If so, I can manually upload the changes to xml-site/targets/fop/

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