Clay Leeds wrote:

On Aug 2, 2004, at 1:48 AM, Chris Bowditch wrote:

Clay Leeds wrote:


Just to be sure, are these amongst the changes you're looking for:

Hi Clay, yes these are the changes I was looking for. If you could apply the changes manually I would be most grateful. Thanks,


Done. Keep in mind, I *manually* edited the page (vi is my friend!), and that's how I made the update. I actually deleted the 3 TRs in the TABLE (the 2 modified indicated below, and the one between), and then pasted the updated version. If there were other changes you made to that file, they didn't make it in.

Hi Clay - thanks for that. The changes I made were all to the TODO table.

Web Maestro Clay

p.s. It was a bit of a rush editing the live site... I probably shouldn't like it that much! :-D

Glad you enjoyed it!


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