The renderer is based on the maintenance code (0.20.5) I'll get the latest
from head and migrate the renderer to use this (I haven't looked at the
redesign so I don't know how much effort this will be). 

I assume I'd need commit access to CVS at some point to include this in the
redesign build. What are the timescales for a developer release?

Regards, Pete.


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Townsend, Pete wrote:

> Dear FOP Developers,
> Could you let me know whether you'd be interested in adding a AFP renderer
> to the project. I really think it would be worthwhile as many enterprise
> scale projects use AFP printing and being able to use a formatted object
> they can be rendered as AFP or PDF is very advantageous.

Yes, yes, yes! Couldnt agree more. AFP would be very useful.

> I'd be grateful if someone could respond as I only have a limited window
> opportunity to get the code into the public domain. Once I move on to the
> next project it is unlikely to happen.

I suppose you based the AFP Renderer on the maintenance code (0.20.5)? A
since no more releases will be done from this branch. It may be possible to 
modify the patch to work with the current development code (CVS HEAD)

The patch process is fairly straight forward. Use a CVS client to generate a

difference file between the CVS code and your code. If you based your AFP 
Renderer on the maintenance code then be careful, you will be to do a 
difference against the branch fop-0_20_2-maintain. Then submit a new
entry with title [PATCH] and attach (not copy & paste) the difference file
the bugzilla entry.


P.S: I never saw your original post. Dont know how it slipped past me.

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