Glen Mazza wrote:

My primary goal is not to "get this committed."  But
if you have code you wish to donate to the ASF, just
do so via Bugzilla.  It doesn't matter which
format--it is the logic in the code that is being
sought.  No guarantees, however, as to it ever getting
committed into FOP, because we don't have significant
demand for it, and as Jeremias said, there is a time
factor involved with maintaining renderers.  There is
also the issue of the damage done to the FOP's
reputation as a whole should it ship with renderers
that operate only partially or incorrectly.

Well, FOP already has renderers in this state: PCL and Text.

I believe Demand for AFP is there. We certainly have customers who want it. And the fact so many people have written their own AFP Renderers in house confirms this.

Today is the first I've ever heard of AFP, and I've been on the project for eighteen months, so it has to be given lower priority compared to the other output types that we *do* get demand for--PDF, PS, PCL, and AWT. And so we'll need to hear substantive demand from the user community first--else it should remain external (perhaps added to our resource page, as we currently do in such cases) to the project.

Well the external AFP Renderer on the Resources page, just isnt very practical. Even if we never get round to committing Pete's AFP Renderer, at least if it is available as a Patch in bugzilla, its a better starting point than the external one by Hansuli Anderegg.


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