Glen Mazza wrote:
There are already other AFP Renderers for FOP
0.20.5--actually Hansuli has it in our resources page:

I agree with Pete here - this AFP renderer is too disjointed and has a few limitations which make it too unpractical.

And--amazing what Google searches turn up--Keiron also created one for FOP apparently:

Interesting, I never knew that either!

But if you wish to donate code to the ASF, you are welcome to submit it as a patch--in either 0.20.5 or 1.0 format. (I caution though that the 1.0 rendering system architecturally is not finalized.) We can possibly leverage it along with the others in the future.

The fact that we don't have native support for it
already, however, could mean that there were licensing
issues involved with its inclusion (or the fonts it
uses, perhaps).  This may be an IBM-only technology
for which you must use IBM-only products--I don't

I dont think there are any licensing issues. AFP is a widely used print format. I have worked on software products dealing with AFP before.


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