Townsend, Pete wrote:


I'll get this added as a patch (via Bugzilla as Chris suggested). The
developer forum can then decide if this is something you wish to take
forward (perhaps someone can get feedback from the user community as to
whether it would be desirable). It has saved us a huge amount of effort,
previously we had to define duplicate print templates (one for PDF and the
other for mainframe AFP/IPDS) - so as one member of that community I can
vouch for its desirability. Also if you search the web you will see that
many commercial products will convert AFP/IPDS to PDF or vice versa so the
demand is certainly there and the addition of this capability is likely to
increase the user base.

Thanks for persevering with this. It really will be useful. I know there are many commercial products that work with AFP, I have worked on one such product before.

I appreciate that an additional renderer adds an overhead, hence offering my
services to support it. It has taken a lot of pressure from myself to get
agreement by my company to release to ASF - they are likely to be reluctant
to have the code released elsewhere (i.e. on a resource page) - we have a
very sensitive legal department!

If you could add a patch to bugzilla that would be great. It would be better still if you have the time to convert it to work with HEAD, but if you dont then 0.20.5 will do and ill try and have a go at getting it converted to HEAD.


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