Renaud Richardet wrote:

> Your note sounded hard to me. My apologies to you and the 
> other members of the team. In the future i'll use standard 
> English. Please do not take my writing style as a sign of 
> misrespect, as this was NOT my intention. This style is 
> pretty well accepted in Switzerland (in German, we have to 
> capitalize all Words, so this saves a lot of
> Typing) and i find it personally nicer.

I doubt that anyone, including Glen, was offended by your style. You did
nothing wrong, nothing worthy of a public censure. I will resist the strong
temptation to flame the antagonist and simply say that politics are at work
as much in open source projects as they are anywhere else. I hope you will
not be offended either by what passes for leadership in FOP, or the awkward
silence from the rest of the team. Your efforts are appreciated, and I doubt
that I am the only subscriber to this list who was embarrassed by the
rudeness with which you were treated here.

Victor Mote

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