> We can do it this way.  But on second thought, I think
> it would be better for Renaud to move it in as
> AWTRenderer, and slowly start factoring out more and
> more while things are getting settled.  BTW, this will
> take some time to do anyway--it isn't easy because the
> renderers are so different between 0.20.5 and 1.0.
That's what I'm doing now. And yes, it might take some time...

> [A note for Renaud:  I would recommend cutting down on
> the chatroom English and instead start writing
> properly/respectfully to us, in the same manner that
> all of us have been writing to you.  Capitalize "I",
> the first word of each sentence, your name, our
> names[1], greetings, etc.  Above all, when people
> write to you in standard polite English, you shouldn't
> be responding back with chatroom writing.  None of us
> here do.  Thanks!]
> Glen
> [1]

Your note sounded hard to me. My apologies to you and the other
members of the team. In the future i'll use standard English. Please
do not take my writing style as a sign of misrespect, as this was NOT
my intention. This style is pretty well accepted in Switzerland (in
German, we have to capitalize all Words, so this saves a lot of
Typing) and i find it personally nicer.
If you have other objects like [1] in your stack, please let me know
it now (via this maillist or directly to me). As I said in [2], I am
pretty new to open-source developpment, so please let me know if i'm
doing things the right way. I'm enjoying this project and would like
to move forward smoothly (and respectfully of the other members of
this team).


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