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> Simon,
> > and creating a jar file with all hyphenation patterns
> > compiled for fop-0.20.5.
> OK. As a slight detail, the hyphenation build target can probably be removed
> from FOP's build.xml. Am I correct in assuming that the only file concerning
> hyphenation to remain present in FOP's distro should be the DTD? (Or will
> that be moved to OFFO as well?)

The hyphenation target and the targets fop-hyphenation and
user-hyphenation should remain. The provision of a ready to install
jar file is a courtesy to the users of a distribution. Those checking
out from the repository may need to compile the hyphenation patterns,
if the distribution jar file is no longer valid. The class
org.apache.fop.tools.anttasks.SerializeHyphPattern is (almost)
indispensible for that task. I think that we will soon have another
hyphenation target, for OOo hyphenation patterns.

The DTD can be removed with the hyphenation patterns. It is specific
for this format of the patterns, and will be provided by OFFO together
with them.

Regards, Simon

Simon Pepping
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