Welcome back Vincent! No, we switched from Avalon Logging to Commons Logging some time ago. The FOPAvalonization page is rather out-of-date.

Victor and I tend to have different architectural ideas. I have not researched his font work but I believe other team members are more knowledgable about it. Fonts are hardly my speciality--I suspect our font implementation in 1.0 can use some improvement though.


Vincent Hennebert wrote:

Hi Fop Team and Victor,

I'm considering to adapt Foray's font subsystem to Fop. I have already experimented a bit and the thing seems to be rather feasible. So far I have encountered two problems:

- logging mechanism: Foray uses the avalon framework while Fop uses commons logging. The 2 APIs are similar but I suppose I'll have to convert the avalon stuff into commons. Or are there any plans to change the logging mechanism (I'm thinking about the FOPAvalonization Wiki page)? Another minor problem will be to plug the right logger to the font subsystem. I guess only one logger is created and passed through all classes?

- the font subsystem is based on a client/server architecture; the question is: which Fop class should be made a FontConsumer? And where should the FontServer be created and held? So far I've used FOEventHandler as a FontConsumer and a holder of a FontServer. It's quite convenient but I'm not sure at all that it is good design; I'm not yet used to Fop's overall architecture.

I welcome any additional thoughts/comments. Now starting to work...


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