Manuel Mall wrote:

> Regarding the "bolder", "lighter" issue and the general font 
> selection I looked at the "pre-patch for FOrayFont adaptation 
> to Fop" 
> ( and 
> concluded that meddling with the font selection system will 
> interfere with the FOray font integration and that the FOray 
> font system has addressed most of the font selection issues 
> any way (not sure about the "bolder", "lighter" bits though). 
> I will therefore back-off from that line of work and wait for 
> the FOray font integration to complete, assuming that it is 
> still going ahead.

Sorry to be so slow responding. I think Vincent is taking August off, but is
still working on the font integration work.

Manuel and I have had an off-line conversation about the bolder/lighter
issue, and I think we will need to improve both the interface and the
implementation to handle this and the similar issues for font-stretch. I'll
work on that in the next week or two.

> BTW, while very briefly looking at parts of the FOray/aXSL 
> font selection code I noticed at least one instance where it 
> relied on a JDK
> 1.4 API call. Not quite what we want for FOP I believe but I 
> am sure easy to fix for Victor.

Yes, we should be able to get a 1.3 solution for this. BTW, FOray is
theoretically dependent on 1.4. However, I don't know that there are any 1.4
dependencies in the font code.

Victor Mote

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