Indeed, the normal allocation rectangle of an inline area is different
than the one of a block area. See 4.3.2. Geometric Definitions in the
1.0 spec.

Border and padding for an inline area seem to be outside the allocation
rectangle in before and after directions. Interesting.

On 01.09.2005 17:29:50 Manuel Mall wrote:
> I have a follow-up question on this. If we have something as simple(?) 
> as this:
> <fo:block background-color="orange">
>    <fo:external-graphic
>       src="../../resources/images/bgimg300dpi.jpg" 
>         border="solid 5pt" 
>         padding="5pt" 
>         background-color="white"/>
> </fo:block>
> would you expect the whole image including padding and borders to be 
> within the bounds of the enclosing block or only the actual image to be 
> in the block and the padding and borders to "stick out" at the top and 
> bottom. It seems xep takes the latter approach and I am very uncertain 
> in this area. Or to put it differently is the BPD of the enclosing 
> block 
>    bpd = image height + line-spacing 
> or
>    bpd = image-height + top_and_bottom_borders + top_and_bottom_padding 
> + line-spacing
> ?
> Manuel
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Jeremias Maerki

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