On Wed, 9 Nov 2005 10:05 pm, Jeremias Maerki wrote:
> Are there any objections on doing the first release within the next
> few days? Is there anything that needs to be done which is not on the
> release plan [1] besides the sandbox proposal? Does anyone see any
> outstanding legal issues preventing the release as is? Anything else?
I think before the release we need to do something about this:

However, I don't feel like re-opening the discussion as it appeared
rather pointless to me. Here is what I suggest to do as a quick fix to
the problem:

1. Instead of having 1 directory (test/layoutengine/testcases)
containing all layout engine tests split them up according to the
resources they require:

                  |-- default (our normal set of layoutengine testcases
                          which do not require any special resources) 
                  |-- hyphenation (those testcases which depend on
                                        hyphenation resources)
                  |-- fonts (testcases which depend on font
                                resources - none yet so this directory will 
                                not really exist)
                  |-- bugs (BugZilla related testcases - I see those
                                only as temporary as these should be integrated
                                into the above once fixed)

Note: The disabled-testcases.txt file will remain in test/layoutengine 
and apply to all subdirectories (keep it simple).

2. Create separate targets in build.xml for these.

3. The normal build will only include the targets default and
hyphenation (and fonts). hyphenation (and fonts) will be skipped (with a 
warning) if the resources are not available.

I know we could (and should) control all this by adding to the testcase
XML, because ideally each testcase should declare the resources it wants
(and don't wants) and the testcase engine should check/setup the
environment accordingly. But I want to get the release out and the above
can be done fairly quickly.



> Jeremias Maerki

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