On 15.11.2005 10:50:07 Christian Geisert wrote:
> Jeremias Maerki schrieb:
> > I agree with you two. Therefore, I've resurrected status.xml, added it
> > to our website again and prepared it so we can start using it after the
> > release.
> > 
> > BTW, I think I'm through with all the things I wanted to do. What's left
> > now:
> > - write the README/release notes
> > - Create a copy of the xdocs/trunk directory to xdocs/0.90alpha1.
> > - do the (PMC) vote on the release.
> I don't think we need to vote on alpha/preview release (preview release
> as in "will be available on cvs.apache.org/builds/fop and not on the
> official www.apache.org/dist") but should do it nevertheless.

But that won't make infrastructure very happy because that will create a
lot of traffic on Apache infrastructure if the release isn't mirrored.
Furthermore, we want to give out a signal that we're back in the
business and that means an announcement through various channels. And
that in turn will create traffic. I would strongly suggest we send it
out through the distribution system, i.e. a vote is necessary.

> > - tag and release
> > 
> > If it's possible I'd like to start the vote tomorrow and do the release
> > around Thursday/Friday. That reasonable?
> Ok.
> Christian

Jeremias Maerki

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