I thought this bug was fixed in Batik's SVN Head. If so, it will be fixed when we next do a release in Batik, and if people need a fix sooner then they can download Batik source and build it themselves.

   In general I agree, however it is extremely unlikely that Batik will
have a release before FOP which means that this feature will remain
broken in a second release.

Yes I didn't think Batik was ready for a release just yet. So I guess, it boils down to the question: how long do you think it will be until Batik can do another release? If it's likely to be a long time, then perhaps we should make the change you suggest.

It seems silly to put in a hack, when its already fixed in Batik's SVN


   If it were a more invasive hack I would agree however in this case the
hack is small and isolated and it will enable people to use 'stable' releases
for FOP and Batik which is (right or wrong) important to many people.

I guess you are right. It makes interoperability between FOP and Batik versions easier.

   I don't have really strong feelings on this but I think that adding
the hack is the better solution.

I don't feel strongly either way. I just wanted clarification on why you were proposing the hack really.


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