On Jan 10, 2006, at 14:02, Manuel Mall wrote:

I got the lastest svn version of fop and then commented out the
removeElementsForTrailingSpaces() method in LineLayoutManager as
theoretically your patch should make this unnecessary. However, we get
a erroneous trailing space in the block_white-space-collapse_1.xml test

Just a quick FYI: I think I've found the problem, and almost solved it... Almost, since now the mentioned testcase works fine, but in inline_border_padding.xml, I now get an error, and the reason for it completely eludes me. On the one hand, the error indicates an inlineParent area with an IPD that is *less* than the expected value. On the other hand, that same inlineParent apparently has an offending trailing space area --while the conditions in the FOTree are identical AFAICT (it's the last inline in the last block).

Once I succeed in tracking this one down, I'll commit again.



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