Patrick, you were faster than me ;-)

I would also be interesting in applying to the Summer of Code. It would
at last give me the opportunity to work full-time on Fop. Is it
conceivable that I also apply, along with Patrick?

Although I'm a bit doubtful that my work on FOrayFont could be eligible
as a project for Fop, we may investigate.

Otherwise, one thing I'm dreaming of for long but that I'll never have
time to do is float implementation, both before-floats and side-floats.
I think there is a number of Docbook users using Fop for PDF output who
would benefit from that.

What's your opinion?


Patrick Paul a écrit :
Hello everyone,

As you may know Google is doing their Summer of Code program again this summer.

I would be interested in applying to do some work on FOP this summer.

Would you have suggestions about specific developments that would greatly help improve FOP ?

I'm looking forward to hear from you all. FOP is so great.

Thank you,


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