That's great thank you.

I added my own page. It's only a start for now. I took some presentation ideas from you, I hope you don't mind too much. I won't mind if you do the same in the future.



Vincent Hennebert wrote:


I'm thinking about setting up a page on the FOP-wiki where I would put up the goals for my proposal. That way I could give the link when submitting my application.

Nice idea, indeed. I've taken the liberty of implementing it and created
a new Wiki page for the SoC, linked from the DeveloperPages [1]. The
idea is to have a main page listing the various proposals, with a link
to each proposal's dedicated page. You'll just have to add yours.

I've put a first draft regarding float implementation. Any comment is
welcome, especially regarding scheduling (I've no idea of the time each
task may need - never done project estimations!), and typos. Thanks.



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