Thank you Jeremias for your amendements.


Jeremias Maerki wrote:

Thanks, Vincent and Patrick, for writing down your proposals.

Patrick's is pretty clear. I've only amended it a little. I hope it
won't be a problem that the task cannot be well estimated, yet.

Vincent, a comment on yours: For before-floats, you refer to best-fit
and first-fit approaches. I'm not sure if it's really relevant here. If
I'm not mistaken before-floats are pretty similar to footnotes which
means you can probably take a lot from there. I think that first-fit
only really helps when you get to side-floats.

I think that user-configuration for best/first-fit doesn't help much. I
rather think that FOP will have to find out itself whether it has to
abandon best-fit so it can handle more complex features, i.e. switching
to first-fit if it finds one of the following conditions:
- side-float in the flow
- page-masters with different available IPD in the flow
- tables with auto table layout (when individual column widths are
requested for each page)

Note that I'm not completely sure about the above. Maybe Luca Furini has
some helpful insight here.

On 24.04.2006 01:07:38 Vincent Hennebert wrote:

I'm thinking about setting up a page on the FOP-wiki where I would put up the goals for my proposal. That way I could give the link when submitting my application.
Nice idea, indeed. I've taken the liberty of implementing it and created
a new Wiki page for the SoC, linked from the DeveloperPages [1]. The
idea is to have a main page listing the various proposals, with a link
to each proposal's dedicated page. You'll just have to add yours.

I've put a first draft regarding float implementation. Any comment is
welcome, especially regarding scheduling (I've no idea of the time each
task may need - never done project estimations!), and typos. Thanks.



Jeremias Maerki

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