Hi Simon,

Simon Pepping a écrit :
I have winters of code and summers of less code. That diminishes my
ability to provide assistance.

What kind of work and responsibilities would assistance include? What
would be the time constraints, that is, how fast needs a review be
done or a question be answered? And in which period is the work done?

The work begins right now and ends on August 21. There is a mid-program
evaluation on June 26.

As far as I'm concerned, I'm planning to put my thoughts about the
project on a dedicated Wiki page. I think that just providing high-level
comments on them would already be of great help: am I going into the
right direction? Am I running into a dead-end? Have I missed something
important? In particular, I'll be playing with Knuth's glue/box/penalty
model, and as you seem to have good knowledge of it I would be glad to
hear from you about that.

Anyway, whatever you'll be able to do will be fine. Thank you for your


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