2006/8/28, Jeremias Maerki:

I've finally finished (more or less anyway) the poster I plan to put up
at OpenExpo on 2006-09-20. I'd appreciate if someone could take a quick
peek and tell me if it's looking too ugly or if there are any spelling
mistakes. The logos may seem a bit dark on screen, but they look fine in


BTW, the poster is done entirely with FOP and Batik. :-)

Congratulations, very nice work. A few comments and suggestions:
- in section "Output Formats": not sure, but it might be preferable to
 put a space between the dots and the "or" in "...or your format"
- in section "Foreign XML support": missing parenthesis on the first
- you might want to put the very same sentence "...or your own format"
 in both sections ("Output Formats" and "Foreign XML Support"). This
 might be more eye-catching
- it is best judged on the final print output, but perhaps the section
 titles in bold?
- finally, but that's nitpicking: you might want to replace the upright
 apostrophes and quotation marks by their true typographic versions
 (U+2019 for the apostrophe, U+201C, U+201D for the quotation marks).
 For a professional look...


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