Hi Jeremias.

Jeremias Maerki:
> Thanks, Andreas, Manuel, Jay, Vincent, Glen, Simon, for all your
> suggestions, corrections and nitpicking. I've incorporated almost all
> points. The new version is now uploaded at the same location as before.

Nice looking poster!  I have some suggestions, too:

  - If you can, I think a font nicer than Verdana could be used.  It’s
    an OK display font, but doesn’t look good on a printed page, IMO.
    The fonts bundled with Vista are particularly nice, if you have
    access to them[1,2].

  - Can FOP automatically do ligatures?  If so, you should enable it.
    Otherwise manually replace the characters in the document (“fi” with
    “fi”, etc.).

  - In the “Transformation chain” box, the “Transformation” word under
    the arrow bumps into the yellow layout box.  I’m unsure about the
    use of the word “exemplary” in here, too.

  - I don’t think the word “Banks” should be capitalised in the “Use
    Cases” box.

  - In “Project History”, “was quickly adopted by many” sounds better
    than “quickly got adopted by many”.  Also “prevented important
    features to be implemented” -> “prevent important features from
    being implemented”.

  - It is hard to read the “For more details, please visit …” white text
    on the light blue background.

I particularly like the business card example!


[1] http://www.poynter.org/column.asp?id=47&aid=78683
[2] http://digg.com/software/The_New_Vista_Fonts

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