Jeremias Maerki wrote:
Ok, I consider myself defeated concerning the way we handle the
configuration file (See recent threads on fop-users). The Avalon
configuration approach is very nice for the developer but obviously
bullshit in terms of end-user-friendlyness.

Back from vacation, a few quick thoughts:
The problem seems to be the unexperienced users who *have* to fiddle
with the config file for getting basic features working.

Possible solutions:
- Reduce the need to fiddle with config settings. Some options
  - Use conventions instead of explicit values
  - Autodetection and other rule base approaches
  This concerns probably mainly the base<Stuff>* settings
- Provide a GUI application for changing commonly changed settings
- Get commonly changed settings from a file with an easier format,
  like Java properties

Did I get the problem right?


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