On Monday 09 October 2006 05:01, Kia Teymourian wrote:
> Hi all,

Jeremias already responded to you and my comments go in the same 
direction. Firstly, its great that you want to look at this aspect. I 
did investigate support for UAX#14 Unicode compliant line breaking over 
a year ago. I recommend you search the mailing list for UAX#14 and you 
will find the relevant threads.

Joerg contributed some code (never integrated) that implements the line 
breaking table lookup / state machine. That code makes use of Java 
classes created from Unicode data tables. You may want to have a look 
at that as there are possibly things you can reuse (see 

BTW, I would place this type of code which basically deals with text 
manipulation in its separate package org.apache.fop.text or 

If you look at text decorations, glyph merging, ligatures it would be 
good if it covers also non arabic languages. For example glyph merging 
applies to some european languages as well (german umlauts, french 
accents, etc.).

Don't hesitate to ask for help on this list. I'll be happy to assist.

> I am working on a patch for Arabic/Persian Text decoration and
> Implementation of Bidi Algorithm.
> I have some questions about it and writing to you to ask for your
> assistance,
> could you please answer my questions!
> 1. Can I use java 1.5 or should preferably use 1.4 or JDK 1.3.
> 2. I have a long list of constants, Unicode Arabic Presentation
> forms. This list will be used, when the algorithm search for
> the correct glyphs forms. I think for the best Performance I should
> define some static final arrays, and write them directly in the
> class program codes. They are some defined Unicode constants, which I
> get from the Arabic Unicode definition.
> It is also to put them extern in some Text files, read them from
> there.   Which form would be the best ?
> 3. I should add one or two new classes, something like
> ArabicTextHandler.java
> Can I add them to the package org.apache.fop.layoutmgr ? Where is the
> right package?
> 4. Can I use some free TTF Fonts in my test cases, they are licensed
> under GPL.
> I am going to use Persian TTF fonts from
> http://www.farsiweb.ir/wiki/Persian_fonts
> Is there any license problems?
> 5. The writing-mode which is entered in a block or block-container
> statement has to be known by the TextLayoutManager but is not
> delivered correctly. TextLayoutManager.addAreas(...) is called from
> BlockContainerLayoutManager.getNextKnuthElements(...) and
> BlockManager.getNextKnuthElements(...).
> Why? Could you please write me your comments about the implemented
> writing-mode!
> Thank you!
> best regards,
> Kia Teymourian


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