On Monday 20 November 2006 21:44, Kia Teymourian wrote:
> Hello,
> for this creating this patch I solved already the first problem with
> joining the Arabic Characters.
> I have some questions regarding this matter:
> 1. ---
> I need to send the Text charArray to Bidirectional Algorithm for
> visually reordering of the Characters .
> In class TextLayoutManager
> org.apache.fop.layoutmgr.inline.TextLayoutManager
> , I check the textArray and if the Array contains any Arabic
> characters between U+0600 to U+06FF,
> it will be sent to the bidirectional algorithm,  afterwards to the
> character joining algorithm.
> My question is,  can I use the java.text.bidi class? And say that
> Arabic Bidi is just in JDK 1.4
> supported. Or should FOP have its own Bidi class which is compatible
> with JDK 1.3?
I would use a 'compromise' approach ATM. Use the 1.4 class but wrap it 
into something which checks using for example classForName if its 
available. If its not present just log a warning saying BIDI supports 
requires at least JDK 1.4..

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