On Jan 13, 2007, at 10:31, Manuel Mall wrote:

Hi Manuel,

Just committed the initial support for the soft hyphen.

Nice job, thanks!

As we had two in favour of having the SHY always produce a break
opportunity and only one against that's the route I took.

I had no luck with giving the SHY a reduced penalty and have the Knuth
algorithm favour them before normal hyphenation breaks. Even with a
penalty value of 1 fop still chooses the hyphenation break with a
penalty of 50. Either I do something wrong or I misunderstand how the
Knuth breaking calculation is suppose to work. May be one of the Knuth
experts can have a look at this PLEASE.

Well, I'm still not really an expert, but as I'm beginning to understand more and more, what you altered was the base Knuth element generation, right?

IIUC, a possible solution may be to treat SHY as special *only* if hyphenation is turned off. The reasoning being that, if hyphenate is true, then handling the SHY becomes the hyphenator's job. The SHY character will be presented to the hyphenator simply as a character of the word it appears in. The hyphenator should then be smart enough to recognize this as a special character, and do something like: create a hyphenation point for the SHY, and try to hyphenate the parts before and after the SHY as separate words...



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