On Jan 14, 2007, at 23:11, J.Pietschmann wrote:

Andreas L Delmelle wrote:
The SHY character will be presented to the hyphenator simply as a character of the word it appears in. The hyphenator should then be smart enough to recognize this as a special character, and do something like: create a hyphenation point for the SHY, ...

Unfortunately, the hyphenator currently isn't as nearly as smart,
and it's a major job to push it in this direction. E.g. it means
major API changes.

Unfortunate indeed :(

BTW: I took a very quick look, and does anyone know if there is a good reason why Hyphenation.word is a String? I mean, everything that comes from FOText and passes through TextLM is already char[]. The Hyphenation constructor takes a String parameter, so I guess somewhere --haven't looked yet-- a String is constructed from the portion of char[] that is to be hyphenated. If you then look at HyphenationTree, it says word.toCharArray()...



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