I second that, a good idea for sure!

Regarding how this may be done within the ASF, that's probably a
question we can ask on [EMAIL PROTECTED] Maybe the ASF itself can serve as
the SPP platform?

I think it's worth making a poll on fop-user to see how many users would
be ready to participate in the funding. Given the number of companies
that are using FOP in their commercial systems, that would be a pity if
there were not enough funders. Question is, also, how to advertise the
thing. Would the fop-user mailing list be enough to attract donators?

I would probably be a candidate for the job. My free time is too sparse
for tackling such a task (pretty much the same case as for
before-floats...), so being able to do that during the work hours would
certainly facilitate things.

Thanks for your proposal, Jens.

Jeremias Maerki a écrit :
> Hi Jens
> Good idea, IMO! That's the "street performer protocol" [1]. Let's hope
> there will be enough "motivation" (and time) around for someone.
> [1] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Street_Performer_Protocol
> I don't know of an instance inside the ASF where this has been tried,
> but I know this has been done elsewhere. As for the organization, look
> at the links on the WikiPedia page which provides links to pages
> providing "trusted 3rd-party" services. I certainly have absolutely
> nothing about such an approach. But I don't know about what other people
> think. I mean, it can only help FOP, can't it?
> What could help is that someone who considers taking the job does an
> binding estimate so we know the amount that has to be found.
> On 20.07.2007 00:44:25 Jens Bannmann wrote:
>> Hi there,
>> I'm really interested in having auto table layout implemented in FOP. 
>> Bug 40271 has a patch, but for nearly eight months there was no 
>> activity. So I thought that perhaps a fund/bounty might motivate a 
>> developer to implement this feature. As I use FOP only for 
>> non-commercial purposes, my own share wouldn't be enourmous (surely 
>> below 100 USD), but I hope others would join the effort to make the sum 
>> interesting.
>> What do you all think? Is this a viable option, i.e. would it be 
>> accepted within the project? Was something like that done before at FOP 
>> or Apache in general? How could this be organized?
>> Best regards,
>> Jens
> Jeremias Maerki

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