Hi Jens,

Jens Bannmann a écrit :
> Vincent Hennebert wrote:
>> Question is, also, how to advertise the thing. Would the fop-user
>> mailing list be enough to attract donators?
> From a quick search, it doesn't seem that the topic was brought up
> previously on that list. Can anyone think of another place where we can
> reach users? I think [EMAIL PROTECTED] might help, too -
> although it's not fop-specific, the DocBook user community is surely
> interested in improving their open source toolchain.

Yes, probably. Given the mostly professional audience there they should
be ok with such an action; all the more if a simple user makes the
proposal and not a FOP developer.

> Andreas L Demelle wrote:
>> I do wonder whether the motivation (with or without the bounty) is
>> enough by itself to make it happen. (...) I'm under the impression
>> that certain other things need to happen first before a decent
>> auto-layout implementation becomes a feasible project...
> Could you elaborate on that a bit? Without knowing any implementation
> details, I think that all related work would be (implicitly or
> explicitly) included in the funded task and as such done by the developer.

Well I would be curious too ;-) Right now I can't think of anything that
would "prevent" or impede the development of this feature? Although
there are probably some (many) other missing preliminary things.

> Vincent, you also indicated interest. What's the required time/bounty
> for you?

Frankly, I can't tell it right now. I would first have to spend some
time studying this part of the code. I'll try and find some time to do
that ASAP.

> I'm pretty convinced that handling this via fundable.org is the way to
> go. The service has been around since 2005 and looks trustworthy. They
> accept payments via PayPal, but only actually charge when the pre-set
> funding goal of a "group action" is met.

Well, this seems ok.

> What we need to decide on is
> a) What is the funding goal (fixed dollar amount)? If it's not met, no
> money is collected, so polls are really needed to get an idea of the
> support base. (Note: fundable.org charges 7% of the goal on success, but
> I think that's fair enough for their service)

Ideally it would cover the whole needed time, to guarantee that the
feature will be available on time. However, if only a few days of
development are missing that would still make it I guess. The rest could
be done in the free time. That should be at the discretion of the chosen
developer of course ;-)

> b) What will be the group action's deadline? I propose two months from
> the day the group action starts. That increases the chance to be
> noticed; if the goal is met before, the group action immediately ends
> anyway.

Well, if companies want to participate they would probably need some
time to prepare a budget for that. That said, I don't think more than 3
months is reasonable, otherwise the interest will vanish.

> c) Who will be "group leader" of this over at fundable? This person gets
> the money, so it should be someone people trust, i.e. has a background
> with the project etc. (e.g. not me ;-) Ideally, it would be the
> developer, but it could be someone else who passes on the money. (btw:
> the latter would also allow several developers - working parallel or in
> sequence - among which the group leader distributes the money in some
> fair way.)

I'd say someone from the project who is not the developer himself.


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