On Jul 23, 2007, at 16:13, Vincent Hennebert wrote:

Could you elaborate on that a bit? Without knowing any implementation
details, I think that all related work would be (implicitly or
explicitly) included in the funded task and as such done by the developer.

Well I would be curious too ;-) Right now I can't think of anything that
would "prevent" or impede the development of this feature? Although
there are probably some (many) other missing preliminary things.

Prevent? No, indeed not. Impede...
Well, have either of you actually /read/ the entire story in the Bugzilla 40271? :)

It's not so much impediment, as an increase in the work involved.

Note that, for instance, solving the issue of varying page-ipd (or even merely separating the concern of the initial generation of the element lists), would already get us an awful lot closer. Right now, it is almost impossible to get to the content-widths of the FOs in the table, without already going through the whole line-breaking loop...



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